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More French and Italian terms

  • Refraichessoire (French): A tiered stand on casters with a full or half marble top holding inset buckets for ice in order that the occupants of a room may self-serve themselves libations without outside interruption.
  • Secrétaire à Abattant (French): A writing desk with a fall-front that swings toward one to reveal a fitted array of cubbies and small drawers. It typically is supported on four tall turned or cabriole legs.
  • Escritoire (French): A flat writing desk with a back section for books.
  • Girandole (French from the Italian: jĭr’ən-dōl’): An ornamental branched candleholder backed by a mirror.
  • Guéridon (French: gay ree dohn): A small, movable table of Continental origins, often used as a lamp or candle stand.
  • Cavetto (Italian): The area between the tondo and the rim on a dish.
  • Tondo (Italian): The central part of a dish.