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Determining the age and origin of an object often requires the use of all five senses and deductive reasoning. For instance a blanket chest with a lid that lifts open on hinges to reveal interior storage. Does it show wear on the surfaces that come in contact with hands, feet, the floor? How much wear? Where does the wear appear? Think of it as your back yard and apply weather pattern logic to the chest. If it was made yesterday then it probably has no wear pattern, but if it is two hundred years old, well, imagine your yard, rain, pets, kids, plants, etc. and how all those factors might impact the appearance of your yard over the next 200 years. The chest has similar possibilities of showing wear and tear. Are the hinges worn from opening and closing? The feet, have they lost height due to being pushed and pulled across a wooden plank floor for 200 years? When you open it, what does it smell like? Musty or new wood? Is there a barcode on it somewhere; that’s a dead giveaway, right? Use your senses. Think hard. Over time (lots of time) you’ll begin to connect the dots.