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A few weeks ago a client engaged me to appraise an Oriental rug that he and his spouse purchased in Kuşadası, Turkey. Coincidentally, my wife and I were in the same seaport resort on another cruise ship at the same time they were there. Our paths may have crossed, we don’t know. Anyway, on their return they realized that they may have paid a wee too much ($3700) for it. I was engaged, I wrote an appraisal report ($450) using all of my high-powered credentials, and learned today that my clients were refunded $2200 through the cruise ship company.

My clients’ rug purchase is a common example of deception visited upon happy vacationers. The same rug can be purchased from Amazon for $400. It was actually made in Pakistan, not Turkey, a fact that the seller failed to articulate, and it was of mediocre quality.

Folks, don’t buy anything on a cruise ship vacation that you cannot eat.