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The Answer is NO!

There is no licensing requirement for personal property (DEFINITION: Property that is portable: i.e., antiques, art, decorative arts, etc.) appraisers in the United States. Appraiser qualification standards are set in the private sector. Qualification as a certified or accredited Personal Property appraiser is accomplished exclusively through appraisal societies. There are four major appraisal societies that are taken seriously in North America: AAA, ASA, ISA, and RICS. I know this to be a fact because I am an accredited appraiser of personal property, with three of the of the four majors: AAA, ASA, RICS. I have earned their highest credentials, and it was not easy. Unlike Personal Property appraisers, Real Property appraisers (real estate) are licensed in all 50 states.

Accrediting entities other than those mentioned above are NOT taken seriously by members of the Four Majors, nor by discerning individuals that know the difference.


AAA   = Appraisers Association of America             B         =   high standards, improving

ISA     = International Association of Appraisers       B+       =   higher standards

ASA   = American Society of Appraisers                   A         =   acknowledged in North America as the Gold Standard

RICS  = Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors       A/A+   =   acknowledged abroad as the World Standard (A+), US (A)