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Attack on Orbital 454 is a science fiction short story based on the eventful chapter by the same title in Mark Clay Grove’s first novel, The Serapis Fraktur: The Conglomerate Series (Spitfire Publishing 2013). New characters are added to the original cast  from Serapis otherwise every aspect of the original Utopian novel’s mid-25th century timeline remains intact; there is still no sex and no F-word but plenty of thought-provoking conceptualization. Attack on Orbital 454 is brief moment in the history of the planet Medina in a far quadrant of The Milky Way in a fast-paced colonial period when souls from the past are recycled to the future.

Medina is an Earth-like red planet with a constitutional monarchy ruled by a benevolent ruler extracted from the past and settled into the far future with a devout following. Her Majesty, Queen Katy, previously known as Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (a real person ca.555-620) was in fact The Prophet Muhammad’s first and most favored wife. In this story she is monarch of an Imperial Conglomerate Colony settled by The Founder, Charles Dawes (a fictional character in Serapis). Her palace is located in the capital city, Mecca. The new society that she establishes is largely secular. Most everyone addresses her as Queen Katy.

In this story a handful of extracted extremists attempt to destroy Utopia by crashing an orbital station onto Medina. Their selfish action kills thousands including all but four from a detachment of Federal Marshals stationed on the orbital. How the four cope and recover from the devastation is the gist of the story, but the four are not ordinary extracts. They were hand-picked by The Founder for their heroism demonstrated in the nineteenth century as Texas Rangers.