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★★★★ 5-STARS Reviewed DEC 2nd 2013 by Bill Howard for Readers’ Favorite.

Muslim extremists continue to use terror to disrupt life on the new Utopian planet of Medina in this 26th-century based sci-fi thriller, Attack on Orbital 454 by Mark Clay Grove. After an explosion destroys a major portion of Orbital 454, killing 250,000 people and most of the law enforcement force, four Federal Marshals remain. Those four are extracts from the 1800s and famous for their valor and initiative from the Texas Rangers and the old West. Through the assistance of “time slipping” by an AI form, they discover that the group of extremists is made up of a portion of the group of sixteen terrorists who were involved in the attacks on 9-11. With a master hacker at the helm, his plan is to extract them over and over again to perpetuate terror. The four marshals, led by one of the most renowned Texas Rangers of all time, have to find that master hacker and prevent him from doing any further damage.

Attack on Orbital 454 is an incredibly creative story. Mixing events and characters from the past in a future series of events allows readers to imagine how a Texas Ranger and old West lawmen would have dealt with the Al Qaeda terrorists. The concept is intriguing and the characters are certainly a unique mixture which brings the story to life and adds a touch of reality. Intriguing, imaginative and ingenious; Attack on Orbital 454 is certain to stir the imagination of readers in a way that brings a satisfying smile as the Texas Rangers ride again.