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The boats are leaving port, people; pay attention to what’s happening all around you.

I’m talking about the Boomers. They’re growing old, down-sizing, divesting, even beginning to die off in ever-growing numbers. All of that stuff that they are/were collecting that reminded them of their childhood is fast becoming passé. The generations behind them could give a twit about coonskin caps, Roy Rogers lunch pails, or (danger! danger! Will Robinson!) Lost In Space memorabilia. Consign it to auction now or your kids will wonder which part of your brain was damaged as they dump all of that junk into the nearest landfill.

The Boomers’ parents hoarded stuff, too. Americana collectibles, for instance, was one of their strong favorites, which is practically a dead-in-the-water category right now. Think: butter molds, cut glass, souvenir spoons, etc. Those folks (the Boomers’ parents) are in their high 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s now – or they have already passed on. Consequently, the Boomers are the ones stuck with their parent’s stuff, and they don’t want butter molds!

Get a grip on reality, people. Stop buying all of the collectible crap that piles up along the wall until it threatens to cascade onto passersby. Furnish your home with top quality furniture, Oriental rugs, and art, and then stop. Put the rest of your assets into annuities, bonds, stocks, or other assets that don’t accumulate dust.