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Most all of the appraisers of personal property that I know are experiencing good business at this time. The chief reason seems to be the changing demographics: Baby Boomers are aging and their parents are rapidly fading away. We’ve seen their effect dozens of times since the beginning, in 1946. Whatever the Boomers needed, they got, and the resulting actions became measurable economic ripples, even tsunamis at times. Remember the housing crisis after WWII? And the boom in post-war factories producing appliances used in those homes? And the surge in auto production after Eisenhower signed off on the national highway system? No, of course you don’t, but if you were paying attention in class….

It’s happening again: Boomers are contending with their elderly parents’ estates at the same time that they are getting rid of all of their own stuff. Luckily, I for once am happily caught in the middle of something positive. It only took 55 years! There seems to be a great number of people in need of advice. Disposing of “stuff” is the most prevalent need these days and that’s where I come in. I know what something is worth or what has no value. And I know when to sell something so that it tips the top of the market or where to sell something to reach the most number of interested collectors. All of this advice is consulting more than it is appraising, which I do, too.