The Pilot

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“I don’t believe you,” she whispered as she lay on a rattan matt in tattered slacks and what once was a white blouse. “OK, then explain how I got all of the way out here to Saipan?” I replied. “Is that where I am?” I nodded. “Yes.” She thought for a few moments before replying…. Read more »

With the Editor and the Cover is Final

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The first sequel in the Picker Series, Some Kind of Good, is in editing Phase One, which means that the manuscript has been edited by the consulting editor once. I incorporate changes and then it is re-read by the editor, which is Phase Two. It returns to me, I incorporate any final changes, and then the… Read more »

Some Kind of Good

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The writing of Some Kind of Good, the first sequel in the Picker Series, is about four-fifths completed. With a bit of luck I hope to have it to my consulting editor by year’s end. In the sequel Charles & Emma gallivant around as usual for antiques. Those of you who travel may be amused… Read more »

Some Kind of Good: plot element – Bakelite

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Yesterday (22NOV2014) Chany & I went to the Antiques Spectacular Show in Doswell, Virginia. Long-time friend, Louise Jesse, is its promoter. She puts on a nice show, has very good dealers, and treats them with respect and kindness from set-up to tear-down, which is not always the case. At the show I got reacquainted with… Read more »

HARDBACK: The Madison Picker

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The first book in the Picker series, The Madison Picker, is now available in English world-wide as a hardback, paperback, large print paperback, and as an eBook. Mark’s wife, Chany, is translating it into Spanish and the Spanish edition should be in print by mid-June 2015.

Book Review: The Madison Picker

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“This book is the first lesson in a richly rewarding education in examining, researching and buying antiques profitably. Mark Grove shows himself to be a very experienced professional with an outstanding memory who operates by an unshakable ethical code, personal warmth and a rare generosity in sharing rather than hoarding and profiting from his superior… Read more »

5-star BOOK Review by Linda Smock

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BOOK REVIEW by Linda Smock : The Madison Picker. via NetGalley Rating: 5 out of 5 stars Full Text: Delightful & Educational What a wonderful tale filled with facts, fun and adventure! Join Charles and Emma as they travel and pick along the way. Surely you’ll want to quit your day job and start gathering… Read more »

5-STAR Review by Reader’s Favorite

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Advance Praise: ★★★★★ 5-STAR Review by Jack Magnus of Reader’s Favorite: “The Madison Picker is a biographical novel. Fans of The Antiques Roadshow and Jonathan Gash’s Lovejoy series will appreciate this book, which is crammed with details of antiques, history, and the art of collecting. The Madison Picker made me want to go out thrift… Read more »

The Madison Picker: preview is available on Amazon

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AMAZON   1 Jerry’s Game I walked across the street from Bruno’s shop to the antiques mall to peruse for sleepers. The Strasburg Emporium is one of the largest antiques malls on the mid-Atlantic seaboard. Somehow the word had gotten across the street that I was in town with a load of Louis Vuitton, which… Read more »