IVORY: banned in the United States

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http://www.kovels.com/latest-news/new-ivory-ban.html Article from Kovel’s that anyone interested in ivory should read NOW! Beware! You may not be able to buy or sell anything of any age that is made totally or partially of ivory. Everything from a piano to a button. AAll import, export, resale or donation of items that contain ivory less than 100… Read more »

World Auction Record: Chinese Porcelain $36M

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China is experiencing unprecedented prosperity because we are lending her money. The interest charged is making China rich and the United States poor. This wasteful process is an American fault. We have a spending problem. And our problem is minting new Chinese millionaires daily, and billionaires monthly. All of this new Chinese money is like… Read more »

Single malt scotch sells for world record $628,000 at auction

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A rare bottle of Macallan whisky has set a world record for the most expensive single malt whisky sold at an auction. The six-liter bottle of the highly sought-after Macallan ‘M’ in a crystal decanter fetched $628,205 at Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong at the weekend, above the expected range of $258,000 to $516,000. The previous… Read more »

December 7th: Pearl Harbor Day

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Tora! Tora! Tora! On December 7th 1941 Pearl Harbor was attacked unexpectedly by the Imperial Japanese air force. World War II had begun for the sleeping giant this date. Until December 7th, the giant had been content to pick at our own collective navel lint since 1919. Pearl Harbor shocked the nation and galvanized the… Read more »

Tip of the Day: Books

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OK, so you have an old book and you’ve determined it to be a 1st edition, now you want to know what it’s worth, right? Not easy, but do-able if you have a discerning mind or the dough to pay an expert (like me) to find out. Before conferring with an expert, try it yourself… Read more »

The Bay Psalm Book: $14.2 million worth of faith

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When is a book worth a lot of money? When it is The Bay Psalm Book. Printed in 1640 in Massachusetts, only eleven are extant. It was the first book printed in North America. Don’t count on your holy book being worth a whole lot of dough because most are not worth the paper they… Read more »

UFO Sighting in Virginia 28 OCT 2013

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Approx 20:00hrs Monday 28 OCT 2013. While driving north on divided highway, Route 29, north of Warrenton at about a mile south of a junction, 29N / Vint Hill Farms Road, I witnessed two falling bright lights in my field of view across my windshield. Momentarily, I thought it was a meteorite breaking apart, but… Read more »

World Auction Record: Titanic Memorbilia

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A world auction record was set for a surviving Titanic object, a violin. RE: http://news.yahoo.com/titanic-violin-sells-world-record-900-000-152628201.html London (AFP) – The violin played by the bandmaster of the Titanic to calm passengers as it sank sold at auction for £900,000 ($1.45 million, 1.06 million euros) on Saturday, a world record fee for memorabilia from the doomed liner…. Read more »