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It’s that time of year again when men, boys, and girls get that springtime itch to venture out to the river, lake, pond, or seashore to wet a hook. Yes, it’s time to go fishing!

But first take time to inventory your gear. If you’ve been using the same reel for decades, besides re-lubricating it for the new season, maybe it’s time to find out something about it and everything else that you have in your tacklebox. Some fishing reels, baits, rods, creels, and minnow buckets are quite valuable. Did grandpa give you that reel? Well, it might be a German silver reel worth hundreds of dollars.

Reels are not the only possibility of undiscovered wealth in the tacklebox; fishing lures are very collectible, too. Very old baits with special value attributes can be worth tens of thousands of dollars. And do be careful of what you throw out. Old cardboard, tin, and wooden fishing lure boxes in mint condition can be worth as much if not more than the rare lure itself!