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Most people have heard of Colonial Williamsburg, but few outside of the northeast are aware of another reclaimed early American village, Historic Deerfield. I visited about five or six years ago and found it absolutely wonderful. Their collection of New England antique furniture in original paint and finishes is second to none. Their accessories are countless. And their quilts, well, they’re fantastic!

If you are doing research on an early American topic, Historic Deerfield has a research library with over 24000 books. Below is their research policy taken right off of the Historic Deerfield website:

“Priority is given to assisting researchers who use the library in person, making it advisable to do so whenever possible. For those unable to visit the library, limited research assistance is available by phone, email, or US mail, as time permits, according to the following fee schedule:

  • Questions answered in 30 minutes or less: $5.00 + $0.25 per photocopy (limit 25 copies)
  • Longer questions: $25 per hour + $0.25 per copy (limit 25 copies)

“When contacting us regarding your research question, please specify all sources you have already consulted, including titles and authors of books when applicable. This will ensure the most efficient use of our time, thus helping to minimize the cost to you.”

Plan a visit today. Historic Deerfield will be one of the most memorable excursions that you will ever make. Leave the kids at home; it’s not something that they will like.