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Appraisers can be specialists or generalists. It depends on what career path s/he took to become an appraiser of material culture, typically about 15 years, and that’s after a long career as an antiques dealer (as in my case), or as a museum curator, or an auctioneer. This is why it takes so long to become an accredited senior appraiser with the American Society of Appraisers (ASA). It literally takes a lifetime for someone to fully comprehend a major property category (i.e. furniture) and the marketplace. Most senior appraisers are at least in their 50’s.

One of the ways we appraisers become well rounded is to travel. Globetrotting exposes the professional valuer to museum exhibits, different cultures, and a myriad of marketplaces. Virtually any travel is better than no travel at all, but the best way that I have found to travel in style is to take a guided tour. And there is none better than Tauck.