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We have just returned from a week at a 5-star resort on the Riviera Maya, Mexico. It was a beautiful experience with fine dining, dancing, 90°F three-acre-sized pools, lush tropical gardens, and royal service from a staff of 1500 professionals that do everything but bow and scrape. Occupancy was light. Perhaps it was so because schools hadn’t yet let out for the summer, or maybe it was because the media rattled on about the risk of collateral damage from narco-terrorism. Whatever.

If you’re planning a trip to Mexico have no worries about your security. These billion dollar resorts North Americans go to to decompress are made very safe because billionaires don’t like to lose business. The whole coastline was bristling with federal and municipal security forces. And our resort’s security was prominently on duty everywhere dressed in sparkling white uniforms and matching pith helmets. Oh so posh.

So, take advantage of the weak economy and travel because the dollar is growing stronger and there are bargains galore! Use TripAdvisor or one of the other engines to research what’s right for you and yours. Now!