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Modernism Periods: British Arts & Crafts 1880-1910, American Arts & Crafts 1900-1915, European Art Nouveau 1890-1910, Wiener Werkstätte 1903-1933, De Stijl 1917-1928, Bauhaus 1919-1933, European Art Deco 1920-1940, American Art Deco 1920-1940. Learn more about these periods of design merit. Check out this outstanding website that takes design to a new level:

And for an in-depth review of Modernism, check out Wikipedia. It’s not just design, Modernism was the final discard of tribal and feudal behavior throughout Western Civilization. We are who we are today because our fore-bearers revolted from the chains of monarchies and sought a different path. It’s a lesson that the fundamental tribal despots need to embrace before we all can live in peace.