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The National Gallery of Art (NGA) located in Washington D.C. is on par with the Louvre in Paris, which is the largest in the world and arguably the best.

Both museums are a necessary pilgrimage every connoisseur should inflict on, on …. one’s feet. Yes, you heard correctly, feet. The floors are hard and the exhibits go on for countless miles, so be kind to your feet, wear comfy clodhoppers. But, alas, the infiltrated happiness and gushing wonderment experienced at the other end of the torso will amply compensate for one’s barking dogs.

Words are insufficient to convey these collections; there must be hundreds of thousands if not millions of masterpieces. You really, really need to do this. So, get off that couch, turn on the Apple, find Travelocity, and book passage to the epicenter of the planet’s political power. Come visit a nation’s soul.