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Mark C. Grove, ASA, is a guest on PBS TV Maryland Public Television (MPT), which has in development The Chesapeake Collectibles Show. The show was filmed at the studio made famous by the financial journalist, Louis Rukeyser, at Owens Mills, MD. Filmed in-studio on 5 & 6 June 2010, the Program is scheduled to commence airing January 2011. Mr. Grove was filmed in six solo spotlights: antique German doll, US Civil War commemorative cane dated 1863, Alexandria Virginia ca.1875 fireman’s parade cape, mid Atlantic ca.1875 mustard-colored splint basket, initialed and dated 1802 dome-top blue-painted Maryland document box with locking side drawer.

Show #101 :::  Mr. Grove values a 19th century buttocks basket. (Premiered 8 JAN 11). Molten eyeglasses from The Great Baltimore Fire, a WWII era Colt 45 pistol, a 1920’s Hawaiian Ukelele, and a George Washington letter. Feature segment: John Davis visits the Fire Museum of Maryland.

Show #102 :::  Mr. Grove values a 19th century Simon & Halbig antique doll. (Premiered 15 JAN 11). Collection for rare pens from the 1930’s, a book published by Captain Edward Bligh of “Mutiny on the Bounty”, a Simon & Halbig antique doll, and a Japanese netsuke carving. Feature segment: Rhea Feikin visits the Dixon Antique Auction in Crumpton.

Show #103 :::  “Freedom Paper” releasing an American slave, a Tiffany vase, Patek Phillipe pocket watch, and French cameo portraits. Feature segment: Rhea visits the Maryland Historical Society and sees the actual Star Spangled Banner. (Premiered 22 JAN 11).

Show #104 :::  Mr. Grove values a 19th century stoneware 4 gallon crock. (Premiered 29 JAN 11). Items including a 1918 Navy Recruiting Poster, a French Tea Service from the 1880’s, Southwestern Indian Blackware pottery, and 1930’s Pinnell Tricycle with wagon. Feature segment: John meets a 90-year-old man who restored a 1936 Cord automobile, only to sell it, and then receive it as a gift from his sons in 2010. (Premiered 29 JAN 11).

Show #105   :::  Mr. Grove values a 19th century fireman’s cape. (Premiers 5 FEB 11). Music box purportedly owned by Baltimore’s Betsy Patterson, who had married Napoleon Bonaparte’s brother; a Japanese print, an 1840’s dress army dress sword, 1950’s space robot toy, and 19th century fireman’s cape. Feature segment: Rhea takes a tour of the Radio/TV Museum.

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