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PBS Chesapeake Collectibles Show Appraiser Pens a Book About a Future Collector


Available now in paperback and all ebook formats on Amazon and Smashwords

BLURB Rear Cover Paperback

A collector awakens from cryogenic sleep in 2460 to find himself the elected leader of a galaxy-wide business conglomerate based on his strong sense of ethics and integrity – just as a time machine comes online. Because of his interest in history, art, and antiques, he uses the time machine to extract artifacts from inevitable destruction, including the lost contents of ancient libraries of Alexandria and Serapis. Once the extraction process is perfected, historical figures like Copernicus, Hypatia, Edison, Leonardo, and Pershing are also removed from the past to help colonize planets across the galaxy. All goes well until idealistic terrorists attack an orbital city and The Collector is forced to revert briefly to his Marine Corps training. In order to defeat the threat, the use of overwhelming force is mustered. 

Moral to the Story

This book is easy to read and old-fashioned in the sense that there is a moral to the story and the reader is presented with interesting and useful information about life, science, and history; it’s not just fun entertainment for a poolside read or a mental escape from the boredom of a long flight. There is fascinating substance in these pages that will broaden even the most astute person’s horizon.  

Written in the first person, this is a PG-rated adventure story is peppered with libertarian social commentary pertaining to accountability, honor, integrity, and fidelity. There is also a fair amount of entrepreneurial development and systematic empire building. As far as action, there is brief combat and high tension but no sex. Women are treated with respect and hold the highest positions of authority. What this work lacks in titillation it makes up for in historical color like Connie Willis, entrepreneurial development like Nathan Lowell, and futuristic wonderment like Edgar Rice Burroughs. Most readers will find this book acceptable for ages from teen to centurion and all should be delighted to learn that the author’s polyverse is not apocalyptic. In fact Earth is reborn: millions of bison once again roam the prairie, old growth forests of American chestnut blanket the east coast, the passenger pigeon has been revived and flourishes, and life is good for all. 

About the Author

Writing fiction is Mark C. Grove’s final professional incarnation, but for assurance he maintains a day job as an Accredited Senior appraiser. A second generation collector-dealer now retired, early in life Mark served on active duty during the Viet Nam era in the U.S. Air Force as an aero-medic. In the 1980’s he renewed his vows in the U.S. Army as an ordnance officer and the United States Marine Corps designated him an Honorary Leatherneck based on merit. Always an avid reader, restless writer, and an unforgiving libertarian, he strives for perfection and insists on living by a code of honor that values integrity, fidelity, and fairness for all. Mark divides his time between homes in Fairfax and Charlottesville, Virginia. He and his Peruvian wife, Chany, often travel across the USA and abroad on business and for pleasure.