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I read a lot, perhaps 75-100 books a year and almost all are eBooks. From that number less than half of a dozen impress me well enough for me to take the time from my writing schedule to write an Amazon Review for another author. This is one of my gems, one of the very rare exceptions. I recommend the Backworlds Series by Mary Pax. This is what I wrote on Amazon:

“The second book in the Backworlds Series, is just as satisfying as the first book and I look forward to the scheduled third book. Ms. Pax please do not stop at a trilogy. These characters, the subtle use of the language they speak, the dusty world on which they barely survive – all should be a beginning of a Star Trek-length series that lasts for the remainder of your writing career. Fresh world-building, exciting plot, enduring saga, endearing characters, as fine a story as the magnificent Nathan Lowell’s the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper series. Ms. Pax, I want more and I want it as fast as possible. All thumbs up. Thank you!”

The third book in Backworlds Series is titled Boomtown Craze. It has a release date of 4 MARCH 2013. Read them in order. The first in the series is free: The Backworlds. The second is titled Stopover on that Backworld’s Edge. It is available in all eReader formats, too.