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The expected release date for The Serapis Fraktur is mid January and Spitfire Publishing LLC will hold the ISBN. I have edited the manuscript  twice myself and an editor I hired did too. Still there are small annoyances. Maybe there always will be. At this juncture I am waiting for my wife, prospective cover artist, and Kirkus Reviews to read through it and respond.

Until very recently I had planned to use BookBaby for my distribution platform, but after reading a mountain of material, I have decided to use Smashwords for a few fundamental reasons: 1. Smashwords has a higher percent net to author (80%), 2. offers authors coupon campaigns, 3. offers authors a free campaign to in-theater coalition forces (Iraq & Afghanistan), 4. ISBN numbers are no-cost, 5. ISBN numbers can be designated to any entity, 6. a couple of fiction writers I read also use Smashwords, 7. good corporate vibe, 8. extensive author support.

After I have launched my first novel and waded through the whole process, I’ll report back to you via this Author Blog on the perks and pitfalls of the Smashwords process.

As for The Serapis Fraktur: It will be about 93k words (plus a ~20k word teaser lead-in from its prequel, The Madison Picker). It will be priced at a very reasonable $5 so practically anyone may have access and I will join the free campaign to offer it at no cost to combat theater forces. Will I make any money? That I doubt very much if I will. Besides the 10 years or so of time I have in this project, I will probably have spent four to five thousand dollars. No. I do not expect to even break even; however, if I ultimately create a stable of 10-20 novels over the long haul, before I get too old to grind out more manuscripts, well, perhaps then I might break even – not including my time, of course. If I included my time then my effective wage would be equivalent to an adolescent Biafran water porter.