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Yesterday (22NOV2014) Chany & I went to the Antiques Spectacular Show in Doswell, Virginia. Long-time friend, Louise Jesse, is its promoter. She puts on a nice show, has very good dealers, and treats them with respect and kindness from set-up to tear-down, which is not always the case. At the show I got reacquainted with dealers I have known for years but haven’t seen for a good long while. One was Brian Foldesi. He and his spouse, Donna, handle non-gem jewelry of the better sort that I like, e.g.: Indian, Mexican, Bakelite, designer costume. Brian showed me his currently displayed inventory and I asked him about the business and new trends. As I suspected, his perspective is the same as mine: everything is cheaper and getting cheaper still because of changing demographics – NOT the economy, stupid. And this was evident at the show. There were very few customers, and what few there were, appeared to be newlywed or nearly dead, which means no money was being spent and some of the dealers were to the point of being surly, they were so miserable.

One thing Brian told me about when I asked him what the most expensive piece of Bakelite jewelry there is, was Philadelphia bracelets. His explanation was interesting; I enclose this link for your amusement. I was so intrigued that I will place the legendary bracelet in my sequel to The Madison Picker, Some Kind of Good – right now. Lead characters Charles & Emma are in Paris at this writing and they are about to enter Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris. Charles’ divvy-dowsing phalanges are a-tingling and a niacin flush is sweeping over him like a menopausal tsunami. Something is about to cause him a crisis. Is it the majesty of the millennial of history within the ancient cathedral, or is it a polychromatic bracelet lurking in the narrows of the nave?