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A FAILED EXPERIMENT: Is it? Almost. What’s the roadblock? Mindset. In large part Europeans are socialists. Like the USSR used to be, there is no reward for extraordinary effort and no facility for those who are inclined to buck the entrenched system. Everyone must dangle from the socialist teat. For the EU to be effective, and for it to stand up to the sands of time, the mindset of the citizens needs to change. Anyone who wishes to work, to operate a business 24/7/365 on steroids, must be allowed to, nay, encouraged to revel in the marketplace. Today this is not allowed. The workers’…sensitivities…leisure time…boo hoo…whatever, are considered more important than the organic welfare of the economies, the stability of the governments, and the creativity of free enterprise.

Employment is NOT a right, it’s an opportunity to be embraced like sport. The winners are the best players to engage. Everyone else is either a loser or a spectator. The problem with Socialism is that the losers and spectators are envious of the winners. 

In response to an article in The Harvard Business Review by Bill Lee (2013-06-04)