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Yesterday I returned from a ten-day voyage around parts of the eastern Mediterranean. The ancient cultures dating from 8000 BC originated there: Italy, Greece, and Turkey. It was an expensive trip, and exhausting (it really is work), and totally worth it. If you don’t travel, I suggest then that at least you should absorb what is offered on the History and Travel Channels. Every time I go somewhere I learn something(s) that I put it to use in my line of work almost immediately. Even if you aren’t an appraiser though, travel. You’ll discover a fresh approach to one of your old routines.

Thomas Jefferson liked the architecture and styles of the ancient world, that’s why he designed Monticello the way he did. And it’s why we have all of those humongous classical buildings in Washington and at the State capitols around the country. The Founders needed to appear respectable to other political forces. No wonder, after having stomped the hand that fed us, our Motherland, The Old Country. So they lathered on the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian styles in the hope that one day we Americans would become what They thought we aught to become, like the great cultures of ancient times. And so we have.

Check out my travel pics: