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Are you an artist? If you create something of merit from nothing using your skill or talent, then you are indeed an artist. Painters, sculptures, and writers are artists, to name a few. The one thing that all artists can have in common if they are aware of the possibility is immortality. If you create something because you want to, have to, or are compelled to by an inner force – because you are manic or macho or just plain weird, then you are an artist. Join me in my compulsion – WRITE! PAINT! CARVE! DANCE! Or do whatever it is that drives you crazy or others nuts, but do it. Just do it! And don’t wait. Do it now. 

Recommendations: There are actions nearly every artist can take to enhance the collectability (value) of his/her product. Enhancements are called value attributes. An otherwise perfect specimen in any artistic category can be made more valuable by the artist signing, dating, and numbering each specimen and also by mentioning where the execution actually took place (e.g. Made in Sterling, VA). To physically attribute each piece in multiple locations on the art object itself, e.g. bottom, back, inside, right and left sides is recommended (depending on what the art piece is: sculpture, painting, pottery, glass, jewelry, etc.). Consistency in marking or signing art pieces is valued by collectors as is complete documentation: The artist should retain drawings, doodles on napkins, diagrams, material invoices, photos and video clips, everything that is related to the craft, and specifically, to each piece from the childhood moments when the urge to create first manifests, to the artist’s very last breath. The preservation of such ephemera and the physical attribution by the artist directly on his/her product strengthens current and future demand in the marketplace by multiple orders of magnitude and insures that the artist will be remembered for centuries. Imagine a trunk full of napkin doodles left by Copernicus, de Vinci, Michelangelo, Elvis….

All artists bear the mantle of responsibility to insure that their presence remains in the collective memory of mankind as part of our history. To neglect this responsibility is shameful. To insure it is to become immortal.