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The Madison Picker is a first person narrative situated mostly in Virginia. Antiques dealers, Charles and Emma Dawes, are the main characters. Charles is a retired Marine major who has seen action in Fallujah and other places before hanging up his night vision scope. Emma is a Peruvian beauty. The two met on Match dot com when he was still on active duty in the Hindu Kush. In this first volume in what is to be The Picker Series, Charles and Emma travel all over Virginia searching for anything that they can buy low and sell high. In the course of their hunt they disclose their formula for success. Unlike most in a field with constantly changing trends and seismic demographical shifts, they always conduct themselves ethically. Charles narrates the story from his perspective and he generously includes considerable insight into the business of antiques and art from the dealer’s side of the counter. The Madison Picker is a witty and heartwarming novel based on the author’s own day-to-day experiences over three decades. The title is in its final phase of editing and will be release in galley form first.