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The Parsian Restaurant is a very small boutique restaurant hidden in plain sight in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, just a hop and a skip from the center of the political universe, Washington DC. It remains mostly undiscovered by anyone outside of Town. With less than a dozen tables, if that many, it’s on King street a short walk west from the historic Courthouse. My wife and I had early dinner there on 24 JUNE 2012 and we were delighted in every way with the authentic Persian cuisine; and yes, they do serve beer and wines. The elegant Persian gentleman owner doted over us while the wait staff was attentive without hovering. Did I mention the food? No? An unfortunate oversight, apologies…. In a word: EXCELLENT! My fellow connoisseurs of all that is divine, this is a discovery worthy of your immediate attention. My wife had the house special, lamb hock with dill rice and I had shish-kabob with saffron rice. I had no idea what saffron was before yesterday. Wow! It was the best rice that I have ever had, by far, and I’m a potatoes kind of guy. My wife was just as pleased with her order and we topped off the meal with hot tea and canary yellow, house-made, saffron ice cream with pistachio slivers. !OMG! ★★★★★