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Founder of The Scalp Level School of Painting: George Hetzel

I discovered this School while researching a painter for an assignment in MAY 2012. The name intrigued me and at first I couldn’t find anything out about it until I discovered Wolf’s Fine Art collection of biographical information. Wow! Check it out. And here’s an excerpt explaining what it is all about:

“Scalp Level is an area near Johnstown, Pennsylvania, where Paint Creek and Little Paint Creek converge. Hetzel was so taken with the beauty of the woodlands he witnessed there while on a fishing trip in 1866 that he convinced his colleagues, with whom he taught at the Pittsburgh School of Design, to accompany him on a painting jaunt the following summer. Groups of artists and students returned to the area with Hetzel more or less regularly; thus was born the Scalp Level School.

“Today the overlook off PA Route 56 frames a distinctive landscape: a drift mine, a coal town, and a pile of coal refuse, -legacies of the industrial 20th Century. A current visitor to the Mine 40 Overlook might be amazed to learn that this valley, once-pristine, inspired an entire genre of American art 150 years ago. Traveling by train and then horse and carriage, the artists would come to Scalp Level and set up outdoor studios in the wooded hills and along the banks of Paint Creek. There they would record for posterity what they saw.”

Source: The Bedford Fine Art Gallery