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My new novel, The Serapis Fraktur, is through editing and it includes a trailer at the end. The trailer is a teaser for my next book, The Madison Picker, on which I am working now (35k words so far). Each is a different genre: one is scifi in a 2460 future; the other is a mystery set in 2005 recent past.

Charles Dawes is the protagonist in both books. Both series feature Virginia localities, businesses, landmarks, customs, quirkiness, and also a good bit of history, both recent past and way past. I write in the first person and Dawes is the voice. He is a chivalrous gentleman who treats women with respect and never suffers fools. Thus, Dawes never discusses intimate moments. There will not be sex in any of my first person narrative novels. By the way, I write in PG mode. No F-word language, no base vulgarity, however when someone stubs their toe, don’t expect a polite comment, either.

Dawes is the man I am in my mind and he’s the man I try to be so in real life. If you can imagine someone with Harry Truman’s mettle that acts like Tom Selleck’s character Jessie Stone, then you pretty much have an idea what to expect Dawes to be like, although he’s not perfect. He has baggage and he has weaknesses and he’s no coward: he does not hesitate to kill when killing needs doing.

Each book is the first in the genre’s series: The Conglomerate Series and The Picker Series. Later, I’ll add a fantasy series featuring a character pulled from The Serapis Fraktur and my fourth genre will be a children’s series. Over the next 15 years, or so, I hope to produce 30 or 40 books in total, or more, whether anyone reads them or not. If people do read them, I will be pleased. If they don’t then I will continue to write because I enjoy writing the way some people enjoy sport. Writing, it’s MY sport. Fancy that!