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Come wanderer and discover the wonders of a green Utopian world where the bison roam unfenced prairie in the millions and 200 foot tall American chestnut trees blanket the east coast of North America. 

Come wanderer and wonder at a world where true equality is real for all men and all women and all sentients whether they occupy a biotic, cloned, cyborg, or synthetic body, or they have no body at all. 

Come this way wanderer, embark on an extraction mission with a dynamic crew destined to solve the greatest mysteries of mankind: Why is there sleep? Why does everything die? What is God? Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? Why? Why, aren’t there answers? Where are the answers? 

THE SERAPIS FRAKTUR. The first volume in an intelligent, decent, easy to read, high adventure series is here: Now on Amazon as an ebook and in paperback. 

In ancient and modern times discoveries were made and knowledge was stored in libraries but often it was lost to the winds of war and the wrath of nature. What knowledge was lost? What cures existed? What treasure was hidden? What did the intellectual giants of the Etruscan, Greek, Egyptian, and Roman Empires say? Think? Do? Believe? Here is a list of ancient libraries that were destroyed: