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A Charles Dawes Novel 
Book 1: The Conglomerate Series 

Title Page
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Resurrection
Chapter 2 Central Computer
Chapter 3 Home
Chapter 4 The A-Team
Chapter 5 The Recipe
Chapter 6 Warehouse 101
Chapter 7 Security Alert
Chapter 8 Special Operator
Chapter 9 Jeeves
Chapter 10 Spitfire
Chapter 11 The Butlers Did It
Chapter 12 Download
Chapter 13 The Serapis Fraktur
Chapter 14 Slipping the Clock
Chapter 15 The FSS QuestRoyal
Chapter 16 Mission Statement
Chapter 17 The Architect
Chapter 18 Kent Dundee
Chapter 19 Fermions
Chapter 20 The Captain
Chapter 21 The Slip Brigade
Chapter 22 Quality Control
Chapter 23 Administration
Chapter 24 EM
Chapter 25 Operation Nut Job
Chapter 26 After Action Report
Chapter 27 The Rule of Nari
Chapter 28 Old Souls
Chapter 29 Infrastructure
Chapter 30 Attack on Orbital 454
Chapter 31 The Arena
Chapter 32 The Scalar Magnitude
EXCERPT from prequel: The Madison Picker 

Notice that a glossary was included to define the fictional universe that I built. Also, I will includ a teaser lead-in to my next book, The Madison Picker.