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TIP OF THE DAY: It’s important to get your facts straight when you’re fleshing out your novels. Under or over price a service, product, or hotel in an unfamiliar geographic area and/or timeline and you’re toast! You lose credibility and readership. You need to know what things actually cost somewhere else and you also need to know what things cost ‘somewhen’ else.


If you place your protagonist in Istanbul in 1938, what’s a meal cost? Who checks? I do. I’m an accredited appraiser with credentials out my wazoo and my brain works that way. If your readership has intellect, then so might they. Give it to them correctly.


Here are two links that can help you get it right: :: Numbeo dot com will help you price stuff with now values. And for past values you’ll need an inflation calculator. That’s a bit of statistical software that can reach back in time and run the number in reverse to see what a burger cost in, oh, 1954. Or, get this, scifi writers will love it. What’s a burger going to cost in 2460? Jimminey Cricket, Batman. I had no idea!





Cool stuff, right? I thought that you might like it. Cheers!