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It won’t be much longer now. China will test its hegemony in the north Pacific by taking a few bits of contested rock known as the Senaku Islands away from Japan while the U.S. is pulling Israel’s chestnuts out of the fire after she strikes Iran back into the stone age.

Will Benjamin Netanyahu attack before the election? No, unlikely. After? Yes, if Obama is reelected because there will be no reason to wait any longer. If Romney is elected? Not for several months, probably 3 to 5 after inauguration, in my view. Romney needs orientation, to get caught up on intelligence reports, etc. But yes, if Romney is the winner war may occur as early as April, at least if I were Netanyahu that’s how I would plan it.

And if I were a China leader, I would take the advantage of the Middle East action by taking the Senaku Islands at this opportune moment, and I do mean moment. If Israel takes action, it’ll be over in hours. China’s window of opportunity will be within that time frame, perhaps twelve hours, but it is doable. Opening a war on a second front that the United States would be compelled to include itself in would be an intelligent albeit aggressive action. American and British attention would be focused on Israel’s defense. Hardly a soul would notice what China has accomplished by stealing the Senakus: Setting a precedent for taking Taiwan.

If you own stocks cash out now (11 SEP 2012) and wait for after the start of the action, and then be willing to buy as the house is burning down.