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Welcome! I’ve re-created my website in an attempt to keep up with the times. That’s rather difficult for most personal property appraisers because the majority is advanced in age. Not I, of course, or one wouldn’t be here now. Nonetheless I find all of this techno stuff perplexing, but here goes nothing!

The objective of this blog is to keep interested parties apprised of what is generally relevant to personal property appraisals, appraising, appraisers, etc. So that one won’t be mislead, personal property is portable: tables, chairs, cars, jewelry, paintings, wine, etc. are all personal property. And if it can’t be moved, it’s real property, hence real estate. There, you’ve learned something already.

If this topic is of interest, please visit periodically for I hope to add relevant topical material on a regular basis. Over time one will become a better informed consumer. Also, in-depth information is available now in Take a look.