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Submitted Question: “I am a quilter, and I have done portrait quilts. I have had them appraised by a quilt appraiser. Our mentor and teacher has suggested that we have an art appraiser look at our quilts, so they are appraised as art, as they come under the title of art quilts. I am wondering if you do this type of appraising and what your cost would be for this work. I live in Burke, VA.”

Response: Thank you for the inquiry. As an artist that creates a tangible product you need to know how to determine the value of your work. Whatever you actually sell it for in the marketplace is its Fair Market Value.  Its Replacement Value (insurance) can be either what it sells for or what you have invested in it in terms of materials (if there are no sales records). Sentiment is not a value attribute. It doesn’t matter what you think, feel, or price it at, it must actually sell in order to know what it’s worth. If you have sales records I can help you now. If you do not, I cannot help you until you do.