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It’s an art fair in Italy where serious collectors have an opportunity to collect contemporary masterpieces, not mistakes. Bring along your laptop and cell because you’re going to want to do some on-the-spot data mining using the vast resources of ArtPrice as you navigate the aisles 21-24 MAY 2009. This year marks the 6th art fair of its kind.

RE: ArtPrice. “South Tyrol – a region welcomes contemporary art. The region of the art fair KunStart is renowned for its artistic flair. It hosted the last edition of the European biennial of contemporary art, Manifesta 7, and offers more space to contemporary art in its many prestigious museums and exhibitions, such as the Museion in Bolzano, the Mart in Rovereto, the Galleria Civica in Trento and the Kunst Merano Arte in Merano. In this lively and versatile environment, new generations of art collectors emerge. This is also an open, multilingual and multicultural region, and is thus destined to be a venue for art dealers and enthusiasts. KunStart – the art market and its context. Focusing on the developments in the international art market, KunStart is based on an open vision, and pays special attention to the many influences that contemporary art has on fields such as design, communications and industrial production. We aim at consolidating the presence of art in everyday life, and try to deepen the relationship between the population and the artists in order to create new connections between art, architecture and landscape. “Uncensored” Based on this openness and willingness to communicate with contemporary art, we launched “Uncensored”, a competition for young artists. The goal is to overcome the barrier which causes some to perceive contemporary art as a mirror that “terrorizes the contemplator”. The award goes to those artists who succeed in unmasking the hidden fears and taboos, without transgressing borders as an end in itself. The artists are to show the real limitations and constraints of our time. The winning work will be acquired and become the image of the 2010 KunStart.”

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