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About 200 people a week contact me with the purpose of trying to either identify their painting or antique object. So, to stem the flow of that deluge, here’s some advice. Google it. Log-on and try to do some of the leg work yourself. If your painting is signed, type the name within quotes into the Google search engine. It’s important to use quotes when typing in, i.e. “John Francis Doe” into the search field or you’ll retrieve everything in cyberspace with John, Francis, and Doe in it. Using quotes narrows the field specifically. When it is not a signed painting, perhaps a vintage automobile petroleum can or something else with text on it, search Google using the text – within quotes of course!

This is what I do when you hire me for $150.00 an hour. Save yourself some bucks: put your fingers to work. When you have exhausted all possibilities, then contact me.