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Blade Runner was a 1982 iconic science fiction film by Warner Brothers starring Harrison Ford as police officer Rick Deckard. The one of a kind handgun Deckard used to retire replicants was called a Hero Blaster. It sold 1 MAY 09 at Hollywood Auction in Los Angeles, California, for $258,750, including buyer’s premium.

In 1993 Blade Runner was selected for preservation by the Library of Congress Film Preservation BoardA for its artistic, cultural, and aesthetic importance. The American Film Institute ranked it in the Top Ten science fiction films of all time and Time Magazine placed it in its All-Time 100 films list.

In My Opinion: Blade Runner is the best science fiction film ever made. Sean Young, Harrison Ford’s bionic love interest in the film noir, provided the best and most tasteful clothes-on erotic performance ever done in motion pictures.