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Advice: Sell Fine Chines Art Objects Now.

China’s economy is strong. Millionaires are being minted weekly, billionaires monthly. These nouveau riche businessmen are buying back their heritage much like the Japanese did thirty years ago. Prices for Chinese art, antiques, and artifacts are exponentially high; this is a momentary bubble, just like our telecom and real estate bubbles were. A fine Chinese art object that was worth $10k fifteen years ago is now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The bubble of opportunity to sell will burst when some outside force or event pops it. Now is the time to sell any Chinese object of high quality because war is on the horizon, in my opinion. War will burst this bubble. Sell now. If you need advice, I am available for consultation.

Politically, economically, culturally, and militarily every element for war is in place. Unless cooler heads prevail, I believe that it is inevitable and it will happen soon. In this even the United States will be weakened to the same extent Britain was weakened after WWII, and in the same manner the US rose to prominence after WWI, so too will China after the current tension plays out. The US will become a toothless second rate power after the fact. Prediction:

OBAMA win scenario: Most extraordinarily dangerous. Israel will attack Iran because it has no choice. China will find this an opportune moment to first take the Senkaku Islands (2 hours) on day one … in preparation for taking Taiwan on day two (7 hours), Japan within 90 days, a month later the Philippines, and then everything in the Pacific but Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii. North Korea will invade the South. Egypt will try to cross The Canal and be nuked by Israel for trying. Syria will attempt to deflect attention by attacking thru Lebanon, and be nuked by Israel for trying. Within a month Europe will be engulfed in open warfare not seen since the last World War. Russia will move to cut off EU oil to cripple her (and she will capitulate) and secure passages through Asia Turkey all the way to include all of Syria and Lebanon. Washington will vacillate, procrastinate, and wring its hands – like it is doing now. Government paralysis will continue for 60 to 90 days before Obama is impeached after the nuclear exchange. Israel will be destroyed. The “global economy” will be disrupted. Fallout will sweep the globe. Smaller regional warring will occur in sub Saharan Africa and South America. The United States and Britain will lose territories across the world. China will dominate Asia and the Pacific exclusive of Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii. Peru, Columbia, Chile, and Venezuela will fight for dominance of Spanish South America; Cuba will assist Venezuela.