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This is not a business, and that photo of me you see above is ~20 years old. So, this here is my way of conducting a virtual garage sale or yard sale in order to downsize. Before the Internet, I would have had to schlep all of this flotsom-jetsom out onto my lawn and hope some poor soul would want it more than I do. My collection was amassed from about 1979 to 2005, and I still like it, but my spouse is urging me (at spearpoint) to be rid of it ASAP. Thousands of items comprise many of its categories; some of which are: books, stamps, postcards, photographs, ephemera, furniture, manly-man collectibles, jewelry, paperclips, fine art, folk art, vintage fishing gear, argentaware, silverware, yellowware, metalware, textiles, you name it! Everything here is either antique, vintage, or collectible, and my wife and I actually use it daily or decorate with it in our home. Time permitting, all of it will eventually appear here in this website and/or on eBay (my eBay handle is “grove”). I pride myself on wrapping and packaging skills and will ship world-wide. Never a handling fee. Examples of actual postal cost for outgoing packages: a 2 ounce brooch went to the UK ($63); a 10 pound huge Picasso picture book went to Hong Kong ($104); a 3 pound indigenous wood carving went to Brussels ($62); etc. Media Mail is least costly for books if you’re not in a hurry: i.e., figure about ten or fifteen bucks for a heavy book via Media Mail to lower 48. Weight and size matters. No, I will not mail something that is not a book via Media Mail. That’s illegal. No, I will not falsify an overseas customs form so that you do not have to pay your fair share. Be straight up with me and we’ll get along hunky-dory.