The Pilot

“I don’t believe you,” she whispered as she lay on a rattan matt in tattered slacks and what once was a white blouse. “OK, then explain how I got all of the way out here to Saipan?” I replied. “Is that where I am?” I nodded. “Yes.” She thought for a few moments before replying. […]

Some Kind of Good: plot element – Bakelite

Yesterday (22NOV2014) Chany & I went to the Antiques Spectacular Show in Doswell, Virginia. Long-time friend, Louise Jesse, is its promoter. She puts on a nice show, has very good dealers, and treats them with respect and kindness from set-up to tear-down, which is not always the case. At the show I got reacquainted with […]

Book Review: The Madison Picker

“This book is the first lesson in a richly rewarding education in examining, researching and buying antiques profitably. Mark Grove shows himself to be a very experienced professional with an outstanding memory who operates by an unshakable ethical code, personal warmth and a rare generosity in sharing rather than hoarding and profiting from his superior […]

The Madison Picker

The Madison Picker is a first person narrative situated mostly in Virginia. Antiques dealers, Charles and Emma Dawes, are the main characters. Charles is a retired Marine major who has seen action in Fallujah and other places before hanging up his night vision scope. Emma is a Peruvian beauty. The two met on Match dot […]