0866:: 1945 CW Colonial Williamsburg Brass Paperclip Gazelle

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ca.1945 CW Colonial Williamsburg Brass Paperclip Gazelle.
Weighs: 171g
About 4¼” by 2⅞”

These once common objects are called letter clips, paperclips, bill clips, or paperholders. It’s a fine desk accessory that may or may not have been part of a desk set (ink well, blotter, pen stand, etc.). Some bore advertising, and so, traveling salesmen handed those out the way we hand out ink pens advertising our products today. They’re collectible. I have about 200 of them and I’ll offer them on eBay gradually. No hurry.

USA 1945 c.H: 4¼"W: 2⅞"D: 171g"Reference number: 2021.0866