MARK CLAY GROVE is an accredited appraiser of antiques, fine art, folk art, silver, furniture, ceramics, textiles, household contents, etc. and a published author, lecturer, and former NYU adjunct faculty for appraisal studies. Accredited (ASA) and Chartered (RICS) and a regular PBS TV personality. He has 36 years of experience in the field and the business of antiques and art. Certified USPAP compliant since 2002. D&B DUNS designation. Federal CCR Listed. Trial and deposition experienced expert witness.

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Locations: Home offices in Northern Virginia and Charlottesville Virginia make it convenient and cost-effective for clients in his most common territory: Virginia, DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Delaware although he provides consultations and appraisal services across the globe. This is possible because Mark is a US/UK dual national (with both US&UK passports) and thus he is qualified to practice abroad with his British RICS credential. Typical assignments are for insurance scheduling, estates, donation, planning, settlement, equitable distribution, damage claims, divorce, expert witness, inventory assessment, purchase & sales advisories, tax basis, appraisal review, after action battlefield and disaster assessments, asset consultations for windfall heirs and lotto winners, as well as other intentions using standard protocol explained throughout this website, mgrove dot-com.***

Mr. Grove holds the world’s strongest credentials by the most prestigious professional appraisal associations: ASA and RICS. His service is impartial: he never buys client properties and never barters his services. Clients and fiduciaries can rest assured that Mark’s opinions of value are not influenced in any manner: not by his own interests and not by the clients’ interest, no matter how powerful or influential the client(s) may be. The same absolute is applied to confidentiality. Celebrity clients relax, unless you are Copernicus, Mr. Grove will not be mesmerized by your presence. Read testimonials.***

Valuations are determined by market comparables just like real estate appraisals. The US Federal USPAP regulations, which apply to all appraisers of every stripe, are in effect in the United States. As for overseas clients, Mr. Grove is a chartered surveyor of personal property (that’s the same as a certified US appraiser). Overseas valuers must hold the RICS credential. It is recognized the world over as the gold standard of excellence. Mr. Grove has earned that standard. If you are a fiduciary representing clients with property in the US and abroad, why not assign one valuer to catalog and evaluate all of the clients’ assets*

Consultations: Not all assignments require a numerical conclusion — an appraisal. Sometimes a consultation is required by a client prior to a high value purchase or sale. Or, a triage of material assets may be in order when clearing a garage or attic or when downsizing. About half of the engagements that Mr. Grove accepts are for these types of consultation purposes. No matter: when in doubt, call an experienced professional to sort things out. It will give one peace of mind and maintain family cohesion in the event of a necessary equitable distribution of assets. Call Mr. Grove. You will be glad that you did. See Schedule of Fees.

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