Independent Appraiser, consultant, expert witness, collector

When I’m not appraising stuff for my clients, I’m writing books no one reads, or down-sizing, which is a very tedious task that I’m quite good at. You see, I’m a collector and my wife is a minimalist. She’s right when she reminds me that I’m 68 this year (SEP 2022) and shouldn’t be buying stuff I can’t eat. So, what you see neatly presented here on our website is what I have collected over the decades. We live with it. If it’s utilitarian we use it. If it’s decorative we decorate with it. But alas, we’re moving on in years and must begin to prepare for the twelfth hour. If you’re curious to see what we’re “deaccessioning”, then click on

Appraisals: I am an independent appraiser of antiques, fine art, folk art, silver, furniture, ceramics, textiles, household contents, etc., as well as a published author, lecturer, PBS TV presenter (since 2010), and former NYU adjunct faculty for appraisal studies. I have held various professional accreditations (AAA, ASA, RICS) over my 44 year career, including the Appraisers Association of America (AAA), the American Society of Appraisers (ASA), and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), but I am now independent of any and all such encumbrances. As a fiduciary my responsibility never alters:  I never buy client properties, never barter services, and never bend to the will of ANY influence regarding my opinion, other than new scholarship.

Down-Sizing: My wife and I are down-sizing in an orderly manner. Most of my clients find this stage in their life very difficult and they have no understanding of the effort it takes to orderly deaccession tons of stuff which was probably bought at the crest of the market and now, sadly, must be sold in the trough for a pittance. They ask, “Will demand return?” In a word I reply, “NO. The heydays are over because the trailing generations behind the Boomers don’t collect. They’re minimalists.” And so too become the Boomers when they leave frigid Connecticut for balmy Boca Raton. Because I was a dealer for 25 years and then an accredited appraiser for another twenty years, I know how to properly describe stuff as you will discover when you peruse My Collection.

This portion of my website below is on HIATUS. We’ll be touring the United States in our travel trailer for a few months, so I won’t be able to ship anything for awhile. I’ll turn it back on in the Autumn, maybe.. … ….


If it’s here then I have it at my home stuffed in a drawer or sitting on a shelf somewhere, or it may also be on eBay from time to time. It all depends. Time of year. If I’m traveling. Whatever. Have a look by clicking on ‘View Collection‘. You might get a few good pointers that will help you down-size. Prices start at what I paid for it back in the day. Don’t worry about it being properly packaged for shipping. It’ll be packed by a genius: Me.

Click on ‘View Collection‘. There are FIVE Categories ART, BOOKS, JEWELRY, FURNITURE, and SMALLS, as well as an on-site Search Engine to narrow your search right here at the top of this page.